Gigi Greene, Julia Finch and Hailey McAffee in Dead Dog's Bone: A Birthday Play

Gigi Greene, Julia Finch and Hailey McAffee in Dead Dog's Bone: A Birthday Play

Dead Dog’s Bone: A Birthday Play is a one-act dramatic comedy about the awkwardness of birthdays, letting go of things you love, and the horror of plastic Christmas trees.

The play follows Juniper, a pensive twenty-something as she struggles with an inherited inability to commit—a quality passed on to her from Iris, her free-spirited but absent mother. The play’s characters, which include Juniper’s good-hearted fisherman father and love-stricken corduroy-wearing boyfriend, must come to terms with the fate of the family dog which, as one might infer from the show’s title, is less than promising. The play transcends time and space, with events weaving in and out of the present, narrated by a boisterous, omnipotent, cut-the-shit reimagining of the Virgin Mary. Upbeat and clever, touching but never without a sense of humor, “Dead Dog’s Bone” manages to ask questions about growing up and the quest for happiness without losing sight of the silliness present in all of life’s most trying moments.

Dead Dog's Bone premiered at The Lillian Theatre in June 2015 as part of the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival. It played to sold out audiences and was remounted at the Bootleg Theatre later that year.

WINNER: Encore Producer's Award

NOMINATION: Spirit of the Fringe Award for Best Direction for Rosie Glen-Lambert

NOMINATION: Most Unleashed Performance: Luke Medina as Dog

The Team


Juniper- Hailey McAffee    

Dog- Luke Medina

Iris- Gigi Greene

Atlas- Sean Draper

Timothy- Conor Murphy

Virgin Mary- Julia Finch


Playwright- Veronica Tjioe

Director- Rosie Glen-Lambert

Scenic and Prop Design- Rebecca Carr

Lighting, Sound, and Video Design- Joey Guthman

Costume Design- Lexa Grace